Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bears and Cabins

Took the last week off in June and spent it up at the property.  We didn't do anything except enjoy the woods and rode the trails all week.   It seemed we had the state land all to ourselves.  We only passed two others riders the whole time we were there.

Not sure what will be the next project for our property.  I'm putting things on pause until we come to a solid plan.  We are enjoying our camper but we are wanting to put up a cabin of some kind.  Jen and I found a couple of nice locations.  My favorite is tucked on the edge of some hard woods looking into a 5 acre field.  The other location is right on Thunder Bay River because we have about 130 feet of it.  Both maybe.  If we build in the field we are only about 600 feet away from our electricity, if we build on the river we are about 1200 feet away.

My neighbor whose property is kitty corner from ours just had an Amish built cabin put on his property.  They poured a cement slab on Memorial weekend and had two 12x30 cabins delivered last week.  They only paid around $12,000.00.  That's a really good deal.  I've priced these out online and they can run from 16-25,000 for this size of cabin.

Our last night there a small bear paid a visit.  I was coming out of the outhouse and when I shut the door I heard him run.  He was about 60 feet away.  It was just past dusk so I shined a flash light.  Seen it's eyes.  At first I thought it was a raccoon but when I seen the size of it's body I knew it was a bear.  The family was at the fire pit so I yelled for them to get inside.  I think he was making his way to our trash in the burn barrel.  He took off to the west.  Needless to say I burnt our trash right away.

My crazy wife was upset that she didn't get to see the bear.  She's been wanting to see one since we bought the property.  She keeps telling me she going to leave food out for them so she can take a picture.  Of course I won't allow it because of the danger that it could create.  The next morning she found it's foot print.