Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Built A Deck

This year has been quiet up north for us with only a few visits.  Our boys are getting older, which makes things a little busier for us.  We did get a few weeks up north this summer.  And in June, out of the blue, we decided to build a deck.  After breakfast we drove to the nearest big town, Gaylord, purchased the materials, came back and built a deck.  It's 12x12.

The "ghetto" part of me thought I could eventually put walls, a roof and make a three seasons room attached to my camper.  Just to create more gathering space on rainy days.  Our goal is to someday build a few small cabins, so I'm not sure that is the best idea in the long run.  But this is working for now. 

We spent about $300.00 in material.  It has helped cut down the amount of dirt we track into the camper.

We've only been able to make it up 2 or 3 times since we built this.  It was wonderful sitting out on the deck in the cool fall morning, staring off into the woods.  We are heading up this coming week for deer season and looking forward to hanging out by the fire pit.  Hopeful one of my sons or myself will get a deer.  Until next time.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Winter Visit

Jennifer and I went up for a winters visit back in February.   We took a short weekend, getaway trip.  Winter is a beautiful season in Northern Michigan.  We enjoy seeing the trees draped in snow just like Narnia.  The snow was really breath taking.  Pictures don't do justice.

The trip ended up being an adventure due to our rear wheel drive going out on our all wheel Equinox.  We were going through about 6 inches down our easement and I heard the axle snap.   I wasn't sure if we would be able to make it back to the property the rest of the way but we did.  However is was a bit of a challenge to get out.  Snow fell during the night and we ended up needing to dig our way out.

As you can see we spent more then an hour digging.  Once we made it to the road we kept the Equinox parked at the gate.  Our road is a seasonal two track about a mile into the wood before we get to the gate.  Thank God our neighbor had plowed.

We ended up hiking everything back to the car a 1/4 mile to in about 9 inches of snow.

We did get a chance to go out to hike our property.  We made it back to the river.  Quiet, peaceful.

Fire pit covered in snow.  It's like the land is asleep, resting, waiting for the spring sun to wake it up.  I loved spending the weekend up in the winter.

Jennifer all loaded up for the hike back to the car.  The walk was beautiful.

We made the weekend an adventure.  Enjoying the snow storm the 1st night, shoveling our way out, hiking to the river, playing cribbage and watching movies in the evening.  Love it and can't wait to go back up again.