Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ideas I Am Kicking Around

I'm getting excited about getting back up north to our property.  The weather is getting warmer here in Michigan and I'm so ready to get back out into the woods.

Right now we have a 2006 Gulfstream travel trailer holding us over until we can build some type of cabin up there.  The Gulfstream works but we want a bit more room, as well as, something more pleasing to the eye in the woods.  We are wanting to go the no permit route and I've been kicking around several ideas.  There's a few ways you can do this.  In the county we are you don't need a permit for anything under 200 sq feet, if it's on wheels and not over 400 sq feet it's considered a travel trailer or a park model.  I'm not sure about a portable cabin?  I may be able to do that if it's not longer then 40 feet, but I'm not sure.

Just about everyday I'm searching online what others are up to.  When I'm in the car I'm always keeping my eye out for little get-a-ways in peoples back yard.  Some of my thoughts are add onto my travel trailer a 12x16, side the trailer to help it's aesthetics.  I could build a 12x16 "shed" with a loft for sleeping or two.  That sounds like fun.  Another thought is build on a travel frame my own park model, that way I can get over the 200 sq ft issue w/o a permit.  One of the benefits of this I could move it later if I wanted.  No sure yet.  I don't think I will be doing anything this year but I still love the dreaming part.

Here's some pictures of things I've seen.  Not saying I love them all, but they all generate ideas for me.

 Found this on Craigslist in South Haven, MI.  It's 12x16, built well and he's selling it cheap. It would cost to much to haul 250 plus miles.
Here's an inside pic.  You can stand up in the center without hitting your head and you could fit a queen size mattress on both ends.  This is already wired up too.

 I like these.  This is what I would build on a trailer frame so I have no permit issues.
 A trailer with an addition.  A bit ghetto but still intriguing. I found a whole camp ground full of these in Jackson, MI.  I think it's a 12x16 addition.  This is something I've considered.
Found this park model on Craigslist  It's a 2006 Gulfstream exactly like the one we have on our property.  They put a roof on it and sided it.  This is what I would do, plus adding a 12x16 addition on it.  I would have around 440 sq feet.
 This is my favorite and what I would like most, I think.  This also is 12x16.  The rest of the pictures below are the inside.  My wife says this is what we should do.

Looking forward to our next trip up north.  I'm hoping to drive a well by hand memorial week but I would like to get up there before just to enjoy it.

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