Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mushrooms and Well Drilling

This weekend up north was more about playing then working but I did manage to start drilling a well.  I took my friend, Chris, up with me and we met another friend, Matt, who arrive before Chris and I.  I gave Matt the keys and he unlocked the place, powered it up and had a fire going in the pit when we arrived Wednesday night.  Thursday morning we went mushroom hunting.  After lunch we went back out and found more.  I think we picked around 300 by the end of the day.
 This was the first harvest of the day.

Matt left Thursday night.  On Friday Chris and I rode the ORV trails in Montmorency and in between the riding I started drilling a well for a hand pump. 
Chris grilling some burgers after an afternoon of riding the ORV trails.
Started drilling for a hand pump.  This about 6 feet deep.  I'm going to move to a lower elevation next weekend.  I started drilling this last weekend for the fun of it.
This is some of the dirt I pulled up.  The auger is about 10 feet.  After I drill down the 1st 10 feet I'll start driving with a screen and well point.  I'm hoping to hit water within 25 feet.  If it's any deeper I may not be able to use a hand pump.  Drilling a shallow well is the project I'm going to try to get done on Memorial weekend.

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